Water in the forest

With roughly 1400mm of rain falling every year, a river, stream or brook is never far away in the Karri forest. Some of the best places to explore near Pemberton are where the forest meets the water. Big Brook Dam, off Golf Links Rd, is only minutes from town and is perfect for swimming, fishing, canoeing, walking or to just sit and enjoy the tranquillity. Picnic, Toilet and BBQ facilities are also available at Big Brook Dam.

Other places to visit on the water/forest interface include the Cascades, 5 minutes from town in Gloucester National Park, Moons Crossing and River Road Bridge on the Warren River. 

Beedelup Falls is always worth a visit to enjoy its thundering waterfall in winter or a pleasant forest stroll in drier months. Remember, to find all these places and many more drop in and pick up a detailed map and guide from the Pemberton Visitor Centre.

The Coast is close to Pemberton. D'Entrecasteaux National Park stretches 131kms along the coast, its 118,000ha encompassing wild coastal wetlands, mobile dunes, stunning white beaches, estuaries, granite outcrops and pockets of Karri forest. Most areas are only accessible by 4WD vehicle however conventional vehicles can access the park at Salmon Beach and Windy Harbour where you can experience rugged limestone cliffs and good swimming, fishing and surf beaches.

A camp ground and boat ramp are also available at Windy Harbour but take care, the Southern Ocean is not a place for the inexperienced. You can experience rugged limestone cliffs, find a great coastal walk and drive, whale watching and good swimming, fishing and surf beaches.

Yeagerup Dunes

The Yeagerup Dunes are a series of vast mobile sand dunes which are steadily moving inland swallowing up forest lakes and woodlands as they go.

You need a four wheel drive vehicle to access the dunes or you may take a short walk from Yeagerup Lake. Several local tours will also either drive or lead you on a dune adventure. Heading up and over the dunes is also the way to YeagerupBeach, a popular fishing beach. 

4X4 Driving in D'Entrecasteaux

D'Entrecasteaux National Park covers 118,000ha. There are many opportunities for beach fishing and four wheel driving. If you do visit D'Entrecasteaux remember that most access is by 4x4 vehicle only. If you observe these few tips that are listed below, the tracks wont get chopped up and the trip will be gentler on all drivers, vehicles and the environment...

Ask for advice before you go. Call into or ring the local DEC office.

Remember all vehicles entering the park must be fully licensed for the road. The park is not an off road vehicle area. You must have a compressor to reinflate your tyres.

Deflate your tyres when driving on soft sand. If you wish to enter the park this is a must. Tyre pressures required depend on the sand conditions, your tyres and the weight of your vehicle. If you do not deflate your tyres you will get bogged, chop up the track and raise the ire of other users and the local ranger!

Select the correct gear. Low third will keep you moving at a comfortable pace and has enough power not to stall when the going gets heavier.

Keep to the track. Drive on existing tracks only; do not create new ones or drive on the scrub.

For more information about 4x4 driving pick up a Going To The Coast brochure from the local DPaW office in Pemberton or call DPaW Pemberton on (08) 9776 1207.

For information on park passes check out our Pemberton's National Parks  page.

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