Self Drive Tours & The Karri Forest Explorer

Looking for a days outing? Why not get on the Karri Forest Explorer. This self drive tour is designed to be undertaken at your own pace. It combines Pemberton's premium forest attractions with the facilities and services of local business to create a number of days of things to do. Enquire at the Pemberton and Visitor Centre and ask for a "Karri Forest Explorer" map or ask at the local Department of Biodiversity, Conservation & Attractions (DBCA) office about this drive. You will need a National Park Pass to visit most of these locations - you can purchase it when you collect the map.  It is also available to download here

145BThe Karri Forest Explorer Drive winds through some of the south-west's most magnificent karri forest. 

Explore it at your own pace - stop for a picnic at Big Brook Dam, climb 61 metres to the Gloucester Tree lookout, see Beedelup Falls from the suspension bridge, go bushwalking, or fishing, or just sit and take in nature.  You'll find trailside  information to guide you through the forest, including a series of tourist radio stops: - tune into 100 FM.

The Karri Forest Explorer Drive starts just outside the historic timber town of Pemberton, but you can join it at several points along the way, depending on which way you're travelling, or where you are staying.

The Great Forest Trees Drive in the Shannon National Park is a 48 kilometre scenic drive trail through spectacular Karri forest. Unique to this scenic drive is the national park's own FM radio commentary which broadcasts informative stories about the park at signposted stops throughout your drive.

Stop at one of several charming picnic and information spots to have stretch and enjoy the natural surrounds. If you have time, take one of the many walk trails in the park. One of the more popular walks will take you to the National Park's Dam which is a spectacular sight.

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