The region was originally occupied by the Pibelmun - Wadandi, a tribe of Noongar Australian Aborigines who knew the area as Wandergarup, which in their language meant ‘plenty of water. There have been significant aboriginal sites located, and protected, in the region including lizard traps, fish traps and remains of campfires.

European settlement was after 1861 when Edward Brockman and his brother-in-law arrived in search of good grazing grounds for horses, breed for India Trading. The timber industry started in 1913. There is a vibrant history and heratage group in Pemberton with the new World of Energy museum now open just up the road in Manjimup. 

Food, Art and Wine Blended With Trails

Pemberton has a vibrant art scene blended with good food, wine and trails.

There is a very active artistic community encompassing Pemberton, Northcliffe and Manjimup within the Southern Forest region. There are a number of groups who hold exhibitions, conduct workshops and promote an artistic culture which enriches the community.

Pemberton Arts Group

The Pemberton Arts Group (PAG) promotes excellence and cultural opportunities through the Arts.  They create an Arts culture within the local community, encourage emerging artists and other artistic disciplines such as music and creative writing. 

One of the biggest projects undertaken was part of the Pemberton mainstreet redevelopment. The Pemberton Arts Group completed the Pemberton Artscape, an 80 metre balustrade along the main street of Pemberton together with a children’s project of complementary  pavers, all with the theme of the original forest landscape of the district.

PAG hold regular exhibitions including the: 

  • Annual Spring Exhibition
  • Unearthed Pemberton Festival Exhibition
  • Sculptures in the Vines at Pemberley of Pemberton. Web
  • Exhibitions at the Northcliffe Painted Tree Gallery. Northcliffe Visitor Centre Web

PAG also display artists work at:

  • Silkwood Winery Pemberton Facebook
  • LJ Hooker Pemberton.

Pemberton Photgraphy Club

The Pemberton Photography Club hosts regular outings and workshops to help members boost their photography skills. Photographers of all ages, varying skill levels and equipment budgets are welcomed. The Club holds an Annual Photography Competition & Exhibition and hosts regular skills workshops.

Web: Pemberton Photography Club

Facebook: Pemberton Photography Club

Pemberton Mill Hall

The Pemberton Mill Hall holds various events from old time dances, to exhibitions and antique fairs. The Mill Hall was used in the filming of the Jasper Jones movie in 2015 - 2016 set in the town of Corrigan.

Mill Hall 
 Mill Hall Jasper Jones set 2016

Street Artscape: Pemberton's Main Street.

The Pemberton Arts Group in partnership with the Shire of Manjimup created an iconic balustrade of individually designed screens on a rock wall down 80 metres of the main street of Pemberton. Visit during the day and at night as the light and aspect changes with light, weather and your orientation. 

Web: Pemberton Artscape
Trip Advisior: Pemberton Artscape 

 Pemberton Artscape

Pemberton main street art scultpture 2 
 Pemberton main street art scultpture Paul Nolan 3

Understorey, Art in Nature: Northcliffe Visitor Centre.

Understory is a nationally unique art in nature experience that everyone can enjoy. Artworks are located along a 1.2km walk trail through pristine native forest. Sculptures, stories, poetry and music explore our relationship with nature and the 'spirit of place'.

Understory was originally called the Southern Forest Sculpture Walk. It is managed by Southern Forest Arts - a 'not for profit' community cultural organisation.

Over 50 nationally and internationally renowned creative professionals have participated in the project since first established in November 2006. New artworks are added regularly to ensure there is always something fresh for visitors to experience.
Book your tour through the Northcliffe Visitor Centre: Tel: 08 9776 7203

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.: Northcliffe Visitor Centre 

Website: Northcliffe Visitor Centre

Understorey Web: 

A selection of galleries in Pemberton and Northcliffe.

Be inspired yourself and visit one of the galleries, craft centres or studios featuring fine local artwork while you are in Pemberton. As you might expect, the quality hardwood which grows in the region is often featured in work by local artists and crafts people. Many are represented in Pemberton’s galleries and craft centres or in studios. Apart from furniture and timber craft products, our local galleries exhibit a wide range of fine art, decorative art and mixed media works by many leading West Australian artists. From paintings to jewellery and ceramics, you can see some of the best art and craft in Australia during your stay in Pemberton.

Gold N Grape

The Gold N Grape Gallery displays the finest of locally made furniture, of course all made from our magnificent local timbers, Jarrah, Marri, Karri, Sheoak and Blackbutt.
There are displays of several fine works of art by some very prominent and nationally acclaimed artists.
The resident Jeweller Jonathan is a highly skilled, qualified tradesman with a deep knowledge of his craft with a wide range of his work is showcased in the Gallery. He specializes in design and makes to order: Pearl, diamond, sapphire set in gold and silver.
Gold N Grape Web

LJ Hooker Pemberton

The LJ Hooker Pemberton office displays various local art, ranging from photography to art. Call in and see what is on display, located in the main street of Pemberton.

Address: 50 Brockman Street Pemberton WA 6260

Mountfords Gallery

In 1994 Mountford Gallery was officially opened with an exhibition by John Austin. Over the years many artists have exhibited at Mountford Gallery, some of these include Bob Birch, Mac Betts, Averyle Shilkin, Barbara Bennett, Leon Pericles, Joy Henderson and Greg Crowe.

Such has been the success of these exhibitions that some of the artists have been happy to hold a second and sometimes third exhibition of their latest works. The programme of exhibitions of established and emerging artists based in the South West Australia include painting, print-making and photography.
Web: Mountford Wines 

Painted Tree Gallery: Northcliffe Visitor Centre.

The Painted Tree is located within the Northcliffe Visitor Centre, a co-location facility also incorporating the local library, Community Resource Centre and the Northcliffe Visitor Centre. The gallery's windows overlook the entry to the Understory - Art in Nature trail, with a scenic panorama of forest and garden providing an interesting counterpoint to artworks on display.

The annual program of exhibitions is varied, featuring works by local artists and craftspersons, visiting artists in residence, regional and metropolitan artists and touring exhibitions.

Address: Northcliffe Visitor Centre Muirillup Rd, Northcliffe WA 6262

Pat Dundas Botanica (now closed):

From 2003 to 2008 Botanica Gallery in Pemberton showcased the work of the Botanical Artists Group of WA (BAG). While the gallery closed in April 2008 the artists involved continue to work in their own areas of interest and to participate in BAG exhibitions.
Web: Botanica Gallery

Pemberton Fine Woodcraft Gallery 

Fine Woodcraft Gallery features unique woodcraft and quality art and sculpture. Artworks are presented in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The gallery surrounded by Karri Forests is constructed of rammed earth and finished with recycled and salvaged timbers.
Web: Fine Woodcraft Gallery


Peter Kovacsy Studio

Peter Kovacsy has earned an internationally reputation over the past 25 years as a premier Australian artist and designer. He specialises in sculpture with cast glass, timber and metal, and offers commission services for interior decor, public art, bespoke timber components and fine furniture.
Address: Peter Kovacsy Studio Jamieson Street Pemberton 

Web: Peter Kovacsy Studio

History in the Southern Forests: Pemberton, Northcliffe and Manjimup

Visit the Pemberton Pioneer Museum or Northcliffe Pioneer Museum.
Enjoy the Manjimup Timber and Heritage Park: Manjimup
Walk the streets of Pemberton and Northcliffe and view the old timber houses.
Climb into the old State Saw Steam No 7 in the Centennial Park Pemberton
Northcliffe George Gardner Rock and Fossil Collection. Northcliffe Pioneer Museum
Visit the Pemberton Model Railway club, open most days including Saturday afternoons at the Pemberton Fine Woodcraft gallery on Dickinson St, Pemberton.

 SSM7 Pemberton Steam Train

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