National Parks

Within the Southern Forests there a large number of National Parks accessible by foot, mountain bike, 2WD and 4WD.

These include the Gloucester, Warren and Beedelup, Greater Beedelup, Greater Hawke and within close proximity to the D'Entrecasteaux and Shannon National Parks. 

Camping is possible in both the Warren, Shannon, Greater Beedelup, D'Entrecasteaux National Parks as well as the Big Brook Arboretum.  

To find out more, view the 

National Parks near Pemberton DPaW Southern Forests

Want to explore the National Parks website: Department of Parks and Wildlife 

Before visiting any of the National Parks near Pemberton don't forget to pick up a pass. Only one pass is needed per vehicle and there are different passes to suit every situation.

All Parks in Western Australia for travellers:

Day Pass:                                            $15.00 per vehicle for up to 8 legally seated people

Day Pass Concession:                         $8.00 (Valid Australian Pension only)
Annual All Parks Pass:                        $120.00
Annual All Parks Pass - Concession:   $75.00
4 Week Holiday Pass:                          $60.00
14 Day Holiday Pass:                          $45.00
5 Day Holiday Pass:                          $25.00
Gold Star Pass:                                  $150.00 includes 3 copies of Landscope Magazine

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