Pemberton Mountain Bike Park Trails

Green Trails: Easy

1. Ankle Biters: Easy. 410 metres Block D. Small XC loop trail to play on.

2. Back Track: Easy. 205 metres. On the Flat Fast link trail next to Skills Loop

3. Down Dale: Easy 375 metres. Block C Link across Block D. Multi use trail

4. Easy Peasy: Easy 428 metres Block D Both directions. Shared use wide open trail.

5. Longshanks: Easy 1020 metres. Block C Pony Express is the code name, heads down hill with lots of chances to push your mate wide on the inside, turn right at the top of the Pumphill Uphill fire trail.

6. Pinch Track: Easy. 820 metres Block B. Give way to horses & walkers. Mountain bikes Up only. Beautiful Karri  forest and Karri Oak, steady climb with switchbacks.

Shared use trail

7. Pump Hill Uphill: Easy. 1500 metres. Block C Give way to runners, horses & walkers. Mountain bikes up only The trail traverses beautiful Karri  forest, Karri Oak and is a steady climb with switchbacks.

Shared Use trail

8. Railway Run: Easy 1.850 metres. On the Flat. Shared use and multi direction trail. Eastern side of the trailhead next to the railway line embankment east of Swimming Pool Road. This trail comprises two different sections, hand built trail winding through the trees with tighter turns and narrow lines the upper section is more open and a faster flow track with some great pump sections. This is a loop trail.

9. Skills Loop: Easy. 1.500 metres. On the Flat. Shared use trail. The flowing Skills Loop provides a range of  skills Including cornering, negotiating technical tight features, log rollovers and rolling jumps. Located near the trailhead.

Blue Trails: Moderate

10. Black & Blue: Moderate 380 metres. Block A. At the very bottom of Relentless Blue before the drop off turn into Black & Blue. This just adds to the single track experience, Black is more technical. tight, off camber, ups and downs, roots and narrow trail.

11. Cool Running: Moderate 1500 metres. Block B & A. Cool Running entry located above the Pemberton Trout Hatchery. This is old school switchbacks on the climb up and lots of berms, rollers and jumps down. Pump on the way down or hammer it and rail the berms and find plenty of air time on your descent.

12. Dropbear: Moderate 810 metres Block C. Tight fast and technical. This is the cornering track. This is a signature trail that is just good value. Great drop a the end.

13. Heaven and Hard Work: 2,677 metres Block D. This is the main trail down the centre of the block with a circuit back along the river and a steep climb back to the start. The descent is go as fast as you want. The river section is steady with a roller trail. The climb is steep, granny gear and makes you sweat.

14. Just Because: Moderate. 215 metres Block A. Two options At the end of Bloody Mary the track to the right heads up and joins the Link track up to Woodcutters. At the end of Bloody Mary the track straight ahead  goes left down to the Pemberton Pool.

15. Pemberton Pump Track: Moderate 200 metres Flat. The Pump Track is a continuous loop ridden without peddling. A series of rollers and berms to build up speed with different lines, fun for any level rider.

16. Pirate Trail: Moderate 1240 metres. Block A. Moderate trail,  fast sweeping trail on the eastern  side of Relentless Blue. Rock garden and dropping switchbacks. Start near Bloody Mary. Hand built

17. Relentless Blue: Moderate 3900 metres Block A.The “signature trail” of Pemberton Mountain Bike   Park, a Top Trail in WA. Relentless Blue incorporates the lay of the land in a clockwise  direction. The first kilometre is the ‘Hell Mile’ a hard technical climb. The western side of the hill is designed as the main climb but has a series of ups and downs with some hard technical elements, a series of turns, rock gardens, log rollovers, sharp uphill and downhill style trail design. The eastern face of the hill is down hill, fast wtih technical trail features to spice up your ride with the wall rides, timber and earth berms & log rollovers. One of WA’s Top Trails

18. Wahoo: Moderate 800 metres. Block B. Fast swooping XC downhill

Black Trails: Difficult to Extreme

19 . Bloody Mary: 860 metres. Block A. Difficult to Extreme Level. The start is located at the top of the hill where Relentless Blue crosses the top fire trail and descends down  the hillside overlooking the Pemberton Pool. A 1.2 km descent - just for fun. The track is a challenging mountain bike trail and includes TTF’s: whoops, jumps, rollovers, 46 Log Extreme and numerous berms.

20. Fingertips: Difficult. 85 metres. Block A. Technical black trail with steep decent, off camber, berms and descending downhill lines.  Drop in off Woodcutters into the chute on Bloody Mary

21. Jump Track Rider: Level Moderate to Difficult. On the Flat. The jump track is located next to the trailhead. Features jumps and berms to keep the speed up, catering for intermediate to experts. Jump face heights 0.8m to 1.5 m.

22. Nationals: 267 metres. Difficult. Block A. Nationals is off camber, very sketchy in places, tight uphill turns working across the hillside. The      descent is rocky, off camber down to Woodcutters.  Trail links to Fingertips and Bloody Mary.

23. Nearly Gnarly: Moderate. Block D Under Construction, 1300 metres built September 2016. Approx 2.0 kilometres in length on completion.

Winding switchbacks, drops, jumps, log rollovers, holes, sweeping fast sections, berms, rock gardens and long curves


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