Forest Fresh Marron

Visit a marron processing centre, live marron sales

Location: Lot 5 Pump Hill Road, Pemberton WA 6260, Australia
Phone: 9776 0099
Mobile: 0428887720

Hours: Monday to Friday 10.30am - 4.30pm; Saturday 1-4pm, Sunday and Public holidays call ahead or check signs out front


. This family business offers visitors a rare indulgence - the region's famous, succulent "Marron". These delicious freshwater crayfish are purchased live but pre-cooking my be arranged by appointment. Preparation is simple and cooking advice and loan cook pots are at hand. Travel packs for passers-through will keep marron alive for up to 30 hours. Souvenirs available. Wholesale enquiries welcome.



Turn down Club Road from Main Street of Pemberton, left at T -Junction, left at the gate on the next right angle bend.

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