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Nature's Palette

Nature's Palette

Monday 3rd January - Thursday 3rd February9:00 pm - 4:00pm

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Info about the show:

Helped by expressive mark making and saturations of colour, these paintings are both cultivated and voluptuous. With layers upon depths and lines overlapping dots, like leaf-fall on the forest floor this new body of work plays with both a sense of natures strength and it's uncertainty: the moment we find ourselves, we are instantly lost again.


A word from the artists:

Vikki Cook - I am a woman of the land. I feel country and experience it on a soul level. Here in the Southwest I feel the breath of the forest . She breathes for me!

Jan Rowe - I find myself drawn to this vast and ever changing country. The Great Southern Forrests have pushed me on my journey to encounter the element of "surprise" within.

Manida Morrell - As a young girl I spent five years in the south west and the outback combined. Then up until 4 years ago lived in the city whilst the country kept calling me home. Nature to me is the one place I feel at peace. The land and forests are full of life and the focus of all my art.

Jo Hanna - I have lived in the forest for less than 2 years, so Im still looking with fresh "tourist" eyes. I'm investigating the idea that the forest can trigger all of our physical and psychological senses; the forest can teach us everything.

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